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A 2-3 minute walk from Sea La Vie Villa gives you access to these stunning lagoon views, where you can enjoy dazzling photos,  kayaking, fishing, bird watching, the mangroves, or simply a meal with an amazing view.

The 750 acre Tobago plantation resort boasts a very wide variety of birdlife. Frigate Birds over the beach, pelicans within the lagoon, within the mangrove the Grey and white herons all take flight and refuge within the foliage that abuts the trails and roads and so making them very easy to observe even without binoculars or a complex digital camera. The salt water ponds offer a wide variety of fish and water birds with seasonal ducks and other birds visiting daily.

Owners Note – This is a must-do and makes for stunning pictures.



Bird Watching

The 750 acres of Tobago plantation resort boasts a very wide variety of birdlife, including Frigate Birds, Pelicans, Grey and White Herons, and much more, which is a truly beautiful sight to behold.


PGA Designed Golf Course

Tobago Plantations Golf & Country Club is the most visited golf course in Trinidad & Tobago and is built amongst coconut palms and has a view of the Caribbean Sea from almost every hole. 


The Sugar Mill

A hidden gem to the northern end of the golf course, exploring this little-known abandoned sugar mill from 1775 becomes a great opportunity for the kids to learn about the history of the Property from its roots as a Sugar Plantation.

Tennis Racket and Ball


Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort in Tobago has two tennis courts for guests to enjoy. The courts feature excellent quality artificial surfaces and are both available for day and night play.


Sea La Vie - High Lux 2 Bedroom Cluster by the Sea

Sea La Vie is a fully renovated and newly refurbished two-bedroom villa cluster unit with a private pool and an ocean-view position that constitutes the heart of this home. Become immersed, let your senses be totally captivated, in a home where every possible need has been thoughtfully anticipated and generously catered to by the owners.

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