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Tobago’s vibrant and colorful history has made it one of the most distinctive places in the Caribbean. One of the best ways to get a deep understanding of the island, its people, and its culture is to know its history. When planning your trip, consider making a few stops to the several historic landmarks across Tobago. Not only will it give you a deeper appreciation for the island's rich culture, but you can also do so against the backdrop of lush, stunning scenery.


Fort King George

Fort King George's ideal location on top of Scarborough hill provided this fort with an advantageous view across Scarborough, over Bacolet, part of the Winward Coast, and south over the Lowlands. The fort now houses the Tobago Museum that occupies what once was the barrack guardhouse.


Speyside Water Wheel

Water wheels were used on Tobago estates which were located near a river. The water wheel was used to tap the energy of running water to provide energy for the processing of sugar on the estate. The wheel has a number of blades that drive the operation.


The Sugar Mill

A hidden gem to the northern end of the golf course, exploring this
little-known abandoned sugar mill from 1775 becomes a great
opportunity for the kids to learn about the history of the Property from its roots as a Sugar Plantation.


Fort Milford

A military establishments constructed by the British in 1777, the remnants of Fort Milford include a series of walls built of cut coral limestone and six cannons. Certainly, a visit to this southernmost fort will give visitors a glimpse of its colorful history.


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