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Have a question about Sea La Vie Villa? You can find the answer to many of the most commonly asked questions below. If your question isn't answered please contact us using our contact form to talk directly to our team.

  • What are your rates?
    Sea La Vie’s rental cost is $2,400 TTD ($371.00 USD) per day on weekdays (Monday - Thursday) and $2,800 TTD ($415.00 USD) per day on weekends/public holidays (Friday - Sunday) with a minimum of 3 nights stay.
  • What is your occupancy?
    The villa sleeps up to 6 guests and has two bedrooms, each having its own private bathroom. Bedroom A has one king size bed and bedroom B has two queen size beds.
  • What is the exchange rate for Tobago?
    The current exchange rates are, as at 4.4.22, as follows (Please see for live information) $ 1.00 USD Equals TTD = $6.67 $ 1.00 EUR Equals TTD = $7.44 $ 1.00 GBP Equals TTD = $8.89 $ 1.00 CAD Equals TTD = $5.43
  • What is the population of Tobago?
    Tobago has approximately 80,000 persons living on the island.
  • What language is spoken in Tobago?
    In Tobago, English is the first language with several persons speaking Patois, a local (Creole) blended language dating back to hundreds of years.
  • What is the size of Tobago?
    Tobago is approximately 300 Square Kms is size.
  • What is the National Bird of Tobago?
    Good News – it is the Cocrico (Rufous-vented Chachalaca) which abounds in Tobago Plantations and Sea La Vie is lucky to be home to several pairs within our garden.
  • What is the temperature in Tobago?
    The climate of Tobago is TROPICAL i.e. hot all year round with very little seasonal variation. The max temperatures are around 31 Degrees Celsius or 88 Degrees.
  • Is Tobago a safe place?
    Yes, Tobago is very safe as a vacation destination. Sea La Vie is located in the safest area of Tobago within the Tobago Plantations Golf club and estate, which boasts on property security and security checkpoints.
  • How far is Sea La Vie from the airport?
    We are approximately 6.8 kms from the airport and it will take you 10 mins by car.
  • What are the top 10 facts about Tobago?
    1. It is home to the Largest Brain coral in the world. 2. There is a swimming pool in the middle of the ocean. The nylon pool (no joke). 3. Highest density of birds. Tobago has over 220 varieties that adorn the shores and canopies. 4. The world’s oldest protected rainforest in the form of the Tobago main Ridge Forest Reserve. 5. Home of the Limbo. 6. (Former) Home of the hottest chilli in the world. We were in 2019 kicked off the top spot by the Carolina reaper. 7. Home of the Steel Pan drum. 8. The origin of Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island. 9. Home of Carnival. 10. Award winning Chocolate.
  • How far is Sea La Vie from Pigeon Point Beach?
    We are very close approximately 7kms away and it will take you 12 mins by car.
  • What ground transfers are available?
    Prior to your arrival, please message our super host Gillian at Sea La Vie and we can arrange for your ground transfer options: - Taxi from airport – approximately 100 TTD or 15 USD. - Car rental from TTD 300 per day or 45 USD. - Island Tour – upon request.
  • Is there a grocery nearby?
    Yes, we have several options available: 1) Corner store - 2 mins away. 2) Supermarket - 7mins away. 3) Specialty Grocery with most European must haves - 10 mins away.
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