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One does not simply visit Tobago and not spend a day, or two, or even three, lounging on the white, sun bleached, coral sand beaches that have made Tobago a must visit destination for seasoned and novice travellers alike. Whether you’re an avid swimmer or you prefer to tread water in the ‘kiddie’ or shallow end of the pool (called the sun-shelf; just FYI for all you trivia-nerds out there), they are all located in a 10-kilometre radius of the most luxurious vacation rentals on the island - Shandison Villa, Sea La Vista Villa and Sea La Vie Villa.

Here are my picks for the Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Tobago: 



Over the years visiting the island I’ve come to appreciate the Tobagonian sentiment that Englishman’s Bay Beach is the quintessential Caribbean beach, ideal for swimming, scuba / snorkelling and CAMPING. If you love life in the outdoors, then Englishman’s Bay is the destination for you. Located north of Castara and south of Parletuvier, this secluded bay is not easily seen from the Northside Road, adding to the serenity of this natural wonder. Encompassed by a thick tropical rainforest, this beach continues to lure visitors to its shore; whether rain or shine. Beach rentals such as; umbrellas and chairs will set the tone for a relaxing, sunny day, while snorkel rental offers land-lovers a chance to dip below the waves and discover a whole new world first-hand. 


In my opinion, no ‘Englishman’, ‘Foreign-man’, or even ‘Trini-man’ can deny the beauty and gift of nature that is Englishman’s Bay, Tobago; a must-see when on the island, and a must-tell when you return home.



A lush, hook-shaped peninsula that places beach goers in the centre of the Bon Accord Lagoon, this is No Man’s Land.

Untouched and un-spoilt, this scenic escape can only be reached by boat, and if you’re an adventure seeker like myself, this location offers an alternate choice to the beaten path of the easier accessible beaches in Tobago. Just off in the distance one is captivated by a view that I will classify as truly, “breath-taking”, the Nylon Pool is a shallow, clear, natural “swimming-pool”, created by an offshore sand-bar that settled in the calm lagoon.


A regular spot for both locals and tourists, the Nylon Pool is the ‘post-card photo’ or ‘Instagram post’ that most people imagine when they think of a Caribbean-Island–destination-vacation. The vibrant turquoise waters of the pool are a sight to behold. Whether you’re practicing your breast-stroke or you decided to go with the flow, just lean-back and drift-away. The waters of the pool are said to possess rejuvenating properties, and I for one will attest to just that.

Visiting the Nylon Pool is easily one of my favourite activities in Tobago, it can only be accessed by glass-bottom tour-boats, the area was named by Britain’s Princess Margaret – on her honeymoon in 1962 – she likened the transparency of the waters to that of the nylon fishing lines used by local fishermen, not after her nylon-stockings, which had only just become fashionable.


No matter if you’re visiting Tobago for work, play or relaxation, No Man’s Land & the Nylon Pool is a must visit on the island, just remember to charge your phone, and have your camera ready, you’ll thank me later.


Overlooking the beach, and built by the Dutch somewhere between 1628 and 1636, Fort Bennett has seen its fair share of battles during the Island’s turbulent history. Now, in the twenty-first century, we can appreciate and enjoy the surrounding area of Black Rock, with no fear of cannon fire or swash-buckling pirates.


Black Rock is an all-in-one beach-front dream location. The geographic formation of large black rocks provided an easy name choice for this landmark destination, however, unknown to many, the imposing black rocks that litter the coastline may not be individual boulders, but instead part of one large rock that slumbers just beneath the sand.


Be sure to check out all the activities the area has to offer; one is not limited in choosing between going surfing, snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing or kayaking, why not do ALL? And when your belly starts to rumble and the appetite is opened, there is no short supply of nearby restaurants and open-air lounges to select from, just relax and enjoy the view.


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Probably the busiest beach in Tobago, at least when I’ve been there, Store Bay is a two-minute walk from the ANR Robinson International Airport and the ideal place to indulge in some Curry-Crab and Dumpling. Continuing along this culinary experience are vendors selling local delicacies like spiced

and sweetened red-mango and coconut sugar-cake, all of which greet you as you make your way down to the beach.


The main activity that makes this beach famous are the boat tours. Store Bay is the launching port for glass-bottom boats touring the Buccoo Reef, these festive vessels take guests over the crystal  blue-green waters and deliver a spectacular view of the coral reefs just below one’s feet. Snorkelling is highly recommended when visiting the beach, fish are often found very close to the shore.


What’s it like to swim in these crystal-blue waters? You’ll just have to visit and experience first-hand!


Sitting on a 125-Acre nature reserve, this stunning landscape hosts three spectacular white-sand beaches - North, South and Main Beaches.

The North Beach blows windy and wavy, making it the perfect playground for water-sport enthusiasts. Here windsurfing and kiteboarding rule the foaming waves and surfers make sure to tick it off their must-do-lists whenever they visit the island.

Tranquillity best describes the vibe at South Beach. In contrast to the other two beaches, this beach is the perfect spot for a quiet, romantic interlude for two. After sun-bathing and perfecting a flawless tan, this beach offers relaxing water-activities. Paddle-boarders and kayakers are seen dotted in the Caribbean Sea, as they glide across the glass-like waters, unbothered by the passage of time.


Our final beach rounding up this tropical-trinity is the Main Beach. The most popular of the three, this bay hosts the famous Pigeon Point Jetty. It is the most traditional spot for beachgoers of any age, and has remained the number one choice for family and friends who simply enjoy the convenience of restaurants and other amenities within walking distance.

If it’s gorgeous scenery you seek, if it’s flavourful food and drink you desire, or if it’s the feeling of landing in paradise, then Pigeon Point Heritage Park is the destination you’ve been searching for.




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