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Tobago Travels



Follow these STEPS to plan you next Tobago vacation:

Step 1 – Book your stay at Shandison Villa, Sea La Vista Villa or Sea La Vie Villa.

Step 2 – Book your flight Check Flights.

Step 3 – Pack your bag, you don’t need much for a spontaneous beach-break

Step 4 – Depart to your nearest airport and board…Just couple hours in the air… and finally, touch-down!

Step 5 – Walk off the plane, onto the tarmac of the ARN Robinson International Airport

Step 6 – Jump into your island-ride  and head over to your private and exclusive villa.

And lastly,

Step 7 – Throw down your bags and take it slow.

And yes, take it from me, it’s just that easy. When you’ve recharged and you’re ready to have somefun, here’s my guide to the Top 10 Things to do when staying in Tobago:



I’m no golfer, but… with facilities within walking distance of my front door, I had to try my luck, and I think I found my new weekend hobby.


  • The Tobago Plantations Beach resort boast a world class golf course on the 750-Acre and Golf Resort – Plantation Course; Built in 2001 by architect Bob Hunt.

  • Season: YEAR-ROUND!

  •  Holes: 18 / Par: 72

  • Length: 7009 yards

  • Fairways: Tifton 419 Bermuda / Greens – Tif Dwarf Bermuda Grass


For the true Golf-Enthusiasts, and novices like me, the course facility comes fully loaded; Carts, Driving Range, Bunker, Golf Academy, Teaching Pros, Pitching / Chipping Areas, Putting Greens and of course Credit Card Accepted.


Built amongst towering coconut palms, this golf-course guarantees a view of the Caribbean Sea, from almost every hole. Whether you’re walking or carting, be sure to look up at the bird-life soaring above you.


On this island, the flora come in a variety of colors, shapes and even sizes, but if you ask me, after spending time birdwatching in Tobago, I’m left to say, the birds are definitely worth watching. Seeing them in their natural habitat is the best - and only way - to spend time with these remarkable creatures. At our Luxury Villas in Tobago, you get the perfect opportunity to do just that, WATCH, RELAX and ENJOY!

While lounging in the pool, on private beach or just soaking in the sun on the lawn you’ll see birds feeding at one of the many bird feeders spread throughout Shandison Villa, Sea La Vie Villa & Sea La Vista Villa, luring our winged friends ever closer. Birds like the Copper-Rumped Hummingbird, Magnificent Frigatebirds, Red-billed Tropicbird, Rufous-tailed Jacamar, Rufous-vented Chacalaca, Motmot, Blue-backed Manakin, Bananaquit, are some of the incredible birds that call Tobago their home.


This island paradise of Tobago boasts a variety of bird species that found their way to the island from neighbouring Venezuela and surroundings, with some species’ migration patterns stretching as far as the Artic Circle.

You don’t have to search far to find these splendid specimens, they find you where you are, all you have to do is be there.


Work-up a sweat on one of two professional tennis courts that await you at Tobago Plantation, at the Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort. Quality, artificial surfaces are made available to guests for day and night play.


Forgot your racket at home? No worries – it’s no problem, the court provides equipment suitable for all players. And not forgetting your spectators, a beautiful, shady gazebo allows onlookers a cool and breezy view of the action taking place on the court.

Just like golf, you’ll never know if you’re good at it, unless you try. The tennis courts await your arrival, channel your inner Federer or Nadal, and play tennis like a Grand Slam Champion!


How does one get around the Tobago Plantations Estate? On a BIKE of course! Bikes are available for rent at the nearby Magdalena Grand Hotel and for our guests’ mobility throughout the compound. Why drive when you can cycle?


It’s a great way to stay loose and flexible on vacation, it keeps the blood flowing - even if you’re just running out to pick up lunch. Using bikes are the guest’s preferred means of transportation on compound, this not only keeps us active, but also helps reduce our Carbon Footprint, to me that’s a ‘step’ in the right direction.



One of my favorite island activities is visiting the Petit Trou Lagoon. It is located on the western side of Tobago, it’s home to an interwoven system of mangrove trees - crucial to the security and health of the coastline’s ecology.

You can experience the beautiful surroundings on a romantic walk along the boardwalk, which stretches from the Plantations, in Lowlands. Along the boardwalk, you will find a variety of water activities such as; surfing and standing paddle-board. The tranquil waters of the lagoon make this the ideal spot to perfect one’s balance while explore the mangroves that make life possible at the coastline.


These mangroves teem rich with wildlife, from Green Turtles and Pelicans to Mullet and Tarpon. The mangroves serve as breeding and feeding grounds, and is home to a diverse tropical-ecosystem. You can enjoy this natural wonder mare minutes from your doorsteps at


‘Sugga in de Blood!’ The history of Trinidad and Tobago is the story of KING SUGAR! Before there was oil, there was sugar, and the Sugar Mill is one of the few iconic colonial relics still standing, centuries later.

This historical landmark, in Lowlands, is the most intact colonial sugar mill on the island. Constructed in the 18 th Century, this plantation-relic offers kids of all ages a glimpse into Tobago’s past.


The Sugar Mill represents the tumultuous past of the island, changing hands a record thirty-three (33) times before finally being surrendered to the British by the French at the Treaty of Paris in 1763.


Here Tobago’s past meets your present all in the shadows of this ancient stone giant.


What would you say to, a sea swim… across the bay on horse-back? I hope the answer is a resounding, YES! Give me a chance and I’ll spend my entire day with these magnificent creatures.

When visiting our equine friends, you are encouraged to release all worries and problems, let the stress exit your body, these horses help riders find peace and balance within their mind and body.


At this compound horses live an ideal ‘horse’s life’; with 16 hours a day spent in open corrals with each other, with an abundance of fresh food and ample space, the comfort that the horses enjoy is felt and passed along to the rider.

A once in a lifetime horseback riding experience like no other awaits YOU!


Quick tip for all photographers – both new and experienced alike – keep your phone, device and/or camera attached to you at all times, don’t ask, I’ve lost one… or two phones due to these ‘butter fingers’ of mine. A secure case for your equipment will save you days of headache, and while I’m on the topic of device care, make you device-case a waterproof one… again, don’t ask, lol.

Anyways, back to No Man’s Land…

No Man’s Land is a narrow stretch of land that hooks into the Bon Accord Lagoon, this white sand crescent can be reached by glass bottom boat tours, that can be arranged on the day or beforehand at Store Bay, Buccoo Beach or Pigeon Point.


One of the main attractions on the island, these tours allow visitors and guests a chance to experience sand, sea and the abundant wildlife up-close, nestled in the lagoon. When touring the Buccoo Reef one feels as if their feet are merely hanging over the beautiful coral below. The view at Nylon Pool caps off this tour, as your ship glides through an ocean of crystal clear, baby blue waters.


When you make land, snorkeling might tempt you into the water, knowing when you come back out, BBQ and other local delicacies await you on shore. An essential in Tobago, for new visitors as well as returning friends.


Something out of a James Cameron film, the glowing plankton illuminate the coastline in what can only be described as a dream. When darkness falls our tour begins. A night time outing through the mangroves along the coastline, the tour can be enjoyed via kayak as well as stand-up paddle board.

Bring your photography A-Game, try to capture and share this incredible occurrence with everyone back home. This dazzling spectacle fomr one of nature’s tiniest creatures will amaze anyone. This tour will be one of the most memorable experiences on your Tobago vacation.

As you take the tour in, don’t forget to breathe deeply, let the night air fill your lungs as you glide across the gentle waves. Take the opportunity to look up – see the moonlight illuminating the surroundings, and absorb this wonder that nature has created.



Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s my Top Picks for dining in Tobago:

1. FAIRWAYS RESTAURANT & LOUNGE - Lunch, Dinner and the best SOUP in Tobago!

2. BENNE CAFÉ – A lovely coffee shop that greets you at the entrance to the Magdalena Grand Hotel, with freshly cookies baked daily, for the kids - both big and small alike.


3. DON VINO'S PIZZERIA – A slice of Italy, done the “Bago” way!

4. SALAKA GRILL – A pool-lounge, lunch hang out spot. Never having to leave the pool, beach or the spectacular ocean view while you dine the way you want to.

5. ROBINSON CRUSOE PUB – Feeling for a light dinner? Then you’ve come to the right place.

6. TAVACO LOUNGE – For the mature guest, a great spot to enjoy a glass of wine… or two.

7. PEMBOIS RESTAURANT & TERRACE – Buffet Style restaurant great for Sunday brunch, a perfect place to experience local breakfast favorites.


8. KALINA RESTAURANT – One of the best ocean views on the compound, guests have the option to dine anywhere you choose.


Whether your next trip to Tobago is a romantic vaca, a trip with the family, or like our good friend Mr. Gates would say, a ‘Think Week’, your stay at Shandison Tobago is guarantee to be a magical one. Why wait? Book NOW!




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